15. feb. 2014

Stretchy and hooded Louisa goes to the beach

(Blogpost på engelsk fordi det ryger direkte på Martes contest blog)

I had an idea...tried it out, and it almost worked perfectly!
I wanted to combine Louisa with a really lovely terry and some purple details into a dress for wearing at the beach. A dress to keep Olivia warm after swimming and when playing at the beach. Please, do not remind me that it will be months until this scenario will happen..... Also please ignore that it normally is a pretty stupid idea to take a pattern for firm fabric and use it together with a stretchy one... I KNOW! But I really wanted to. And it turned out pretty nice.
Facts: Pattern is the Louisa but I have cut the back in one piece - and have NO zipper on the dress. Then I added cuffs and a loooong pointed hood (jersey knit). I made it slightly to big for her  - as it has to fit this cumming summer.  She was wearing it all day yesterday when we went to Legoworld and she was running around feeling very comfy all day.

I added the rabbit-badge because it is Olivias favourite animal and YES I do need to change the one corner of the pocket, but I finished the dress 10 minutes before we left the house to go to Legoworld....

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  1. Svar
    1. Tak! Og så er jeg sikker på at den er virkelig behageligt at have på.


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